CBN Logistics

As CBN Logistics; we started to give service in the year 2010 to generate micro-distribution solutions. We have been serving numerous firms from various sectors at numerous points in Turkey and the world since our day of establishment. In the year 2014, we conveyed the distribution expertise we have gained through micro-distribution to the domestic and international logistical sectors through our broad vehicle fleet. Our company analyzing the needs in the sector and making investments accordingly always keeps the bar highest in its works giving priority to reliable transport with its structure of loyalty to its own values.

With our strong capital structure, logistical infrastructure designed with the cutting-edge technology, and expert staff, our company that focuses on safety has adopted the understanding of giving fast, high quality, and efficient service. In all facilities of our establishment that holds authorization and organization certificates in the logistics area, we apply the highest level of safety and hygiene standards through professional teams.

Our Quality Policy

  • As CBN Logistics, for the purposes of creating, developing, and implementing the quality management system as well as improving its effectiveness continuously, we undertake to;
  • Inform all our stakeholders of the importance of compliance with the legal requirements through our Quality Policy,
  • Offer solutions that meet the customer expectations,
  • Ensure setting goals to increase efficiency and managing all our activities as per such goals while carrying out our activities effectively,
  • Carry out scheduled review activities to improve the quality management system continuously,
  • Provide the necessary resources needed for effective functioning of the quality management system.

Quality and Food Safety Policy – Information Security Policy

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